27 May 2011

Looking back to last year at this time -- it was so hot that we went swimming! And inflated and filled a little backyard pool. David went bike riding for the first time with a new heart and although we did not get far, we were feeling jubilant about his progress. And I worried that Julia would never read a chapter book or count with one to one correspondence to materials. So many of those causes for jubilation are gone but I ordered a chapter book from Amazon this morning -- something called "Sunrise Over Fire Rock Field," by John M. Dolbey. A book that will be a challenge for her to read but because it is about iguanadon friends, it will be a good one to work on comprehension. We read the first paragraph (on the computer screen) over breakfast, and Julia was excited that there was a suggestion of danger and excitement for the dinosaur friends. It is this excitement that I see she now has for books that I was so concerned about developing last year.

And I ordered a book -- "Just Give Him The Whale!: 20 Ways to Use Fascinations, Areas of Expertise, and Strengths to Support Students with Autism" by Paula Kluth - recommended in a comment and which sat on my amazon cue all last summer without making it home. It was recommended reading just as I was discovering that I should use Julia's dinosaur love to teach her reading. Interesting that the title floated up to the top again and snagged my attention.

Today, with my poison ivy under control and a cool morning, it is gardening again for me. (And dear readers, if it is poison ivy that you fear, really, really, buy Tecnu products. Now at Walmart! Their after exposure super wash works! -- If I could advertise these products, I would.) And then a 3rd grade field trip to a nature center. I want to be in Julia's school next school year, and I told the principal as much yesterday. I hope he can find a project for me that gets me around often -- not necessarily in Julia's classroom but in and around to feel the community she is a part of.

Two boys on China lists have caught my eye. There is no sign that the PTB are giving single waivers yet and I may just watch them find families or go further down on lists. Still, a thought.

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