30 June 2011

I do hope that lots of my stuff sells, but if it doesn't it is out of the house and in the garage. Next step is un-ownership. The basement is beginning to look manageable, and the boxes I haven't gone through yet are no where near as overwhelming as they were a few months ago. I've settled, at least in my own mind, a very possible scenario for the floor and wall renovation which will be happening during our vacation. (I look at the paint patches every day, in each room, at different times, and I am still settled on those paints. They are not exciting.) On Saturday, after the yard sale, I will start packing up the house. There will be room in the basement for lots of stuff. I will come back to do the moving back in, but it will also be an incredibly clean slate. Art to be rehung, books to be put on new shelves. I forget how many changes one needs to make in feng shui, but I remember something about 21 or so changes to change the chi. I feel the chi shifting below my feet now.

A few friends have sent wishes by post or email or face book messages in the last few days. Each one is holy. The prayers and wishes and extra thoughts hold me is some safe place and I am sure that I can complete this cycle.

I have to make time for two beach days during our travels. I need the ocean and the waves, just like last year. I need to return to the sea in some way.

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