26 June 2011

Interesting confluence of events: I have to clear out both floors of my house by vacation time so that I can get the floors sanded, stained, and refinished and the first floor walls painted. I want to store some stuff in the basement and also have been trying to get rid of furniture and stuff I've been carrying around for years without using. My neighbor is having a garage sale next Saturday and asked if I wanted to put out a table. This evening during Julia's therapy, I went into the cellar and started pulling out boxes of stuff. I took a roll of masking tape and a sharpie and started pricing things -- soccer balls, souvenirs from Bolivia, computer programs that I can't use, toys that Julia never touches, material from years of saving just-in-case-I-want-to-sew, stuff from my mother's house, David's mother's house, David's grandmother's house, my grandmother's house.

A match made in heaven. This week I will load up the garage for the sale. This will clear out the basement some and give me room for what I need to store for the home work. And what doesn't sell, gets junked or given to Good Will. Period.

Thank you, Maria! My neighbor, that is.

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