15 June 2011

Working with number tiles between therapy sessions. Julia can almost put the numbers 1-30 in order. She can almost count by 1's and 10's with minimal prompting. She can count by 5's if I start her off. She will count with me by 2's.

There are concepts that she does not have: Before/after, more/less, small/big. She cannot answer "when" or "how" or "why." She takes stabs at responding to these question words, but they are many times stabs in the dark. When I tell her something and ask "what did I say," she usually cannot tell me.

Everyone says, she has come so far, but when I take a step back and realize how far she has to go -- not to catch up with some age appropriate peer, but to function successfully in the world, even the supported world, I pale.

I am still whirling about -- Blender Syndrome and thank you, Sharyn, for the words and the love -- and so seeing the dark side of every cloud.

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norie said...

suzanne..i have some fun montessori exercises that are very concrete for big and small, near and far, more and less...let me know if you are interested and i can send you some ideas