30 June 2008

Monday morning blogging

Well, the camp send off was not a smooth, but it is a pattern with Julia to take the first steps very willingly and then pull back. By the time we arrived at the bus stop, the negativity had dissipated but there were a few moments when I thought we would not make it.

We took the scooter to the bus today, and my timing was off. Julia liked it but we wll have to allow more than 20 minutes to do the 10 minutes walk with the scooter right now. She loves working with the scooter and I want to encourage her all I can.

I started making new phone calls today looking for a provider for the intensive autism program. Our application started months ago is almost ready to be submitted for the "waiver." This is a state paid program but the waiting list is very long. Still, it is worth getting on -- if we need it in two year, then we will have it. Yes, the wait is about two years right now. We need to specify a provider and have them do an evaluation for the application. The group I called also have social classe for autistic kids. Julia could really use one of these! My dear baby tries so hard and is so bad at it.

Last night, we had dinner with friends. Julia is getting names down and she called our friends by their names over and over, but once she gets their attention, she doesn't know quite how to get a conversation rolling. People that know and love her, give the a break and ask questions or start talking to her, but you can see that she wants to do the conversation thing for herself.

I have been making inquiries to find an attachment therapist, and I found someone who is covered by our insurance, and who I liked talking to. The rub is that her first opening is in early September. I'll go with that for now, but I was hoping to start this summer.

I also called a violin teacher who did her master's thesis on adapting Suzuki method for kids on the spectrum. I want Julia to take a string and to do the Suzuki method like Cheshire did. I think it is sooo good for the brain, and for learning to love music as well. Maybe we can get that started this summer.

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Kelly said...

Sounds like you really are hitting all aspects of learning. What a great family.