26 December 2010

Christmas pictures

Look at that Christmas morning face! Looking right at me. She was very excited about opening what was under the tree. We woke up late, made muffins and tea, and Julia waited patiently.
Cheshire put up the tree (thank you, Chris, for the loan of your childhood tree. Julia loved it!) and turned on the Yule Log, still playing on Christmas morning on Channel 11. Some things never, ever change. It was a different, very different Christmas than usual. Not our cozy house, with a big pile of presents, poppy seed cake, big mugs of coffee, and music of David's choosing. Yeah, this was different. Very New York. Very 20 something. And Cheshire is so very sweet to get it ready for me.
Julia getting ready to get in a few minutes of drawing before the main event began.
So patient.
Cheshire's grand experiment -- mincemeat pies -- were delicious.
And who knows, maybe Mother Cheshire's Mincemeat Supreme.
Julia does a better job all the time at getting dressed by herself.

We were quiet by ourselves for the beginning of the day, and then, took trains to Jersey and had a grand, big dinner with my sister and family. But only after presents were opened. Julia was gifted and spoiled with lots of presents. She had an incredible time opening and playing with and spreading those new toys out all over the crowded floor. Once again, it was different and yesterday, different was good.

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