24 December 2010

Julia and I are on the plane headed for NYC and Cheshire! It is Friday and the week has been a strange mix. We tried to fit in enough therapy to make up for missing next week. Julia had 6-8 hours of therapy a day since Sunday. She was exhausted every night and slept late every morning. It has been so good being with her -- sometimes naughty, sometimes nice, she tries hard to please.

A few things-- today, as i was packing up, Julia was in the bathroom for a bath and was drying herself off when I heard a crash. I forgot that I had left my small bottle of my Coco Channel perfume on the sink with the intention of packing it. The rug, the floor, the bathroom, and then the whole second floor was embraced by the smell which was way to strong. I hated loosing the perfume, but Julia had managed to spray some in her eye and needed some first aide help. We put lots of water on her eye, but she teared and sniffled for about an hour. This is what they call natural consequences. I don't think she will be touching my few bottles of perfume anytime soon.

Julia has been investigating books -- mostly looking for line drawing to color. I have let her have anything that is a kids book, including kids cook books. She does a nice job adding to the pictures. She has one anime comic book that she is mostly in black and white. We'll see if this coloring phase lasts out the comic book.

Julia's investigation includes looking high up on the book shelves. She tells me that some of the books are too high for her to look at. I chuckle thinking that there is a reason for that.

I packed light, as possible in winter, but took one bag to check. It will delay us a bit getting in and out of airports, but I had a few (very) presents coming out and was too lazy to stuff and stuff into backpacks.

I have been dying to write, really have time to sit and write for days now, and now with the time, I am dull and witless. Strange. But just to record now.

It does not really feel like Christmas, but it does not feel like some weighty stone bearing down on me either. I am at some sort of neutral which is pleasant and not demanding. Julia is incredible mother centered right now, and I don't mind in the least. I must look at and praise many, many drawings and colorings. I must help her read signs and simple pages. She calls, she knocks my arm, she demands that I listen. This confidence in me is lovely.

At attachment therapy this week, Marilyn pushed Julia to tell a story. She asked Julia to draw a sad person. Julia drew a little boy -- not a dinosaur - who looked very sad. Julia clarified that it was a boy and not herself, but told us about how sad he was and how much he missed someone. It is another step, huge and small.

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