31 December 2010

It is only 9:40, but late for Julia. She is brushing her teeth and getting ready to pop into bed. My bed. Should I do something about that in the new year. Possibly, but not soon.

We arrived in Madison around 5 and headed for Trader Joe's to pick up something for tonight's dinner and tomorrow. Julia wanted rice and string beans, and she agreed to steak. I wanted a salad. She wanted watermelon, but there were none to be had. Julia wanted jellybeans and I found some of those.

Once home, the first order of business was to get the Wii working! It was not hard. (Thanks to Robert and Mary setting it up when we were not home!) Julia wanted to start with the Super Mario Brothers game and she worked on it for awhile getting better at it little by little. Very little by little. As I made dinner, I heard her saying, "What a bummer!" Where did she learn that?

We watched a movie -- Julia's choice -- and now it is bedtime.

No need to stay up for the new year. It will come in quietly this year, this first new year of this new life. I have high expectations for this new year. I will not waste a single day.

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