17 December 2010

Interesting day. Quiet but with great progress.

This morning Julia wore pjs for pajama day at school today. Before this, she couldn't take such a change of school/home boundaries. But this morning, she quizzed me on whether is was REALLY appropriate to wear pjs to school. When I assured her that it was, she was so excited to show off her cozy clothes and her cookie monster slippers that were passed down from Cheshire. Could not be a better end to this semester!!

I went into school later on to read a story. They had asked parents to volunteer to come in and read. Before I read, I asked the kids who's mother I was, teased a little about looking like Julia, and told them that they had all been speaking English for 8 or 9 years but Julia had only been speaking it for 4 years. Then I read Stella Luna. I didn't know whether it was too young for the 3rd graders, but they were all attentive and I had a great time. Julia saw, just like any other kid, in the clump of kids on the rug and listened. I was so pleased to watch her act more like any one of those kids. Her aide also told me that Julia is doing class work and following more directions without supervision. Dare I dream of a time without full time help for her in a classroom. No, I am not looking to help her but I am hoping for her independence.

This afternoon I listened to a Wiley lecture about Family Centered evaluation, and while the person was speaking, an outline for my final project dawned on me. Right now, I propose continuing my research on trauma and presenting to my class about trauma. Right now, I am believing that my trauma research is not going to be finished this year and I have to continue to make sense of the reading, and pass on what I know to others. I was grateful for the flash of inspiration.

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