21 December 2010

So tired from yesterday that I did not go back and write at all! And now is another day and I have more to say.

And again I have to say later!

Two short Julia things: This morning we looked at our rather sorry little Christmas tree that the cat is trying to strip of needles, and for which I bought a few on-sale ornaments for Julia and Ellen to put on in an attempt not to go into our Christmas things at all. We looked and I felt awful sad. And not sad, because I was missing David, but sad because I've always felt such a special bond with plants brought inside the house. Christmas trees have been my noble friends. Giving their lives for my pleasure. I honor them. But I am not honoring this poor tree with a few matching but poor looking ornaments. When I asked Julia about it, she said she wanted to make a dinosaur Christmas tree. And so we will today!! We will have lights! and chains and some of our decorations and dinosaurs!!

Pictures to come.

And Julia went to get dressed today and brought down her red dress with off white and golden flowers and purple tights with poke-a-dots. I commented on how I didn't think it went together, and she said "it goes together on me." And ya' know, it does.

Sense of style? The kid has me beat by a mile!

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