20 December 2010

Some days the miracles just explode, there is so much to see that it is work to take it all in. But is it only because I have been working on seeing the miracles in front of me that I can see so much, or that I have put so much energy of one kind or another out there, that I get some coming back for me to take up and play with? I've written this before and I feel it profoundly today, this time, so very hard at times, so hard to even take one painful breath, is also full of magic and miracles. In metaphor, it is the starving woman walking through the orchard of ripe peach trees. The peaches alone, without the hunger, are delicious, are gifts from the earth and the gods, but how much more a delight to one who is suffering deprivation in body or soul.

So much for long explanations of nothing!

At least two things to write about, but that will have to wait. Today is about therapy, therapy, morning playdate and meeting, and SNOW!

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