02 February 2011

snow removal

There are stairs somewhere here.
Maybe mom did go overboard on keeping the kid warm, but honestly, she did not complain at all. And she was able to breathe.
Helping me was such an incredible thing for Julia to do.


Elaine said...

Incredible. I had my girls take a long long look at what might their future, if everything goes as planned. They were ecstatic. Snow is like the coolest thing ever for them.

Anonymous said...

OMG, It looks lilke you have nothing but snow by your house. I have'nt see that much snow in many many many years. Julia, looks so funny all dressed up warm. Looks like Mom is afraid she may get sick. Are you sure she could still breath?? Enjoy all the snow. Better you then me you are used to it. I am not. Love,Carol