27 February 2011

Julia and I have a little schedule that we are going through. It will be a quiet and lazy day. I need to do a bit of food shopping so we have something for Julia's lunch tomorrow, but we are just doing chores, a bit of home work, and some fun. Doing the wii fit again after a break for my flu. I am remarkably unfit, and I vaguely remember that I was doing the Y often after the transplant -- David to rehab, me to the gym. A few weeks, months of good training. My body -- when it is at rest -- longs to be back there.

I wrote this yesterday. Yes, indeed, slowly waking up to myself.

I was accepted to LEND seminar held in a Disney World hotel in April. I may do a presentation about complex childhood trauma. I volunteered to do it and waiting to hear if I am given time. I am a bit nervous about the prospect -- I know it will get me ass in gear and I know it is perfectly in line with my LEND goals, but I could also find plenty of excuses why I should not do it. I am no expert. I have no concentration. And my research is too wide flung to say anything at all useful. I will try to quiet those nay-sayers within and just do my best. Too much Pollyanna?

Bath time for Julia and cleaning the bathroom closet for me. Another few checks off on our schedule.


Mike said...

It will be a great service to others to do the LEND presentation. Good deal!

Carol said...

Congrats on the invitation!