08 February 2011

Valentine Window Art

Next on the agenda is making class and family valentines. We've begun.

And note who is kissing who . . . it is the princess dinosaur who has her prince up against the wall. A girl after my own heart!


Bobbi Jo said...

Oooo, fun!! Can I ask what kind of paint you used? I've always wanted to let the kids paint the windows, but don't want to wreck the window. Tips?

Anonymous said...

ahhh...notice that Princess Dinosaur was smart enough to wear very classy shoes. Prince Dinosaur is out in the cold and needs the Princess to take care of him. LOL!
Way to go, Julia Dinosaur!

Anita said...

Love, love, love the paintings!!! Have you ever thought about you and Julia writing and illustrating children's books? Julia's drawings are as good as any I've seen in any children's books!! What about telling her story through the eyes of a green dinosaur? You could even do a series of stories, being a orphan, in the orphanage, being alone, adoption, a new family, a new school, etc. Or, what it's like to experience life through the eyes of an autistic dinosaur?? I know you are thinking about doing something in China perhaps like Pam & Clay Williams or Amanda are doing but you also want Julia to do something with her art and you could do this without leaving home. Her pictures are wonderful and you are such a good writer, I mean if Madona and her daughter can do it, so can you and Julia. I'm sure you have thought of it, haven't you?

Suz said...

Bobbi Jo,

We are using acrylic enamels from Michaels. No problem getting them off the class, and so far, no indication that glass is being damaged. My windows are 80 years old.

Good luck,