22 February 2011

Games. Julia has a few new games that she is playing. She is also doing story worksheet by herself. I am sure that is going on for the rest of her class in school and so Julia is doing it with a workbook that we have at home. Most of the words are spelled wrong and she doesn't get the idea of crosswords puzzles at all, but her interest is great. I am sure that between her therapists and me, we can get her doing them correctly pretty quickly. It is great to see her interest in what is going on around her and to try to imitate her peers. Thumbs up for inclusion.

Julia's reading moves ahead -- when her therapists have reading on the schedule, Julia wants to read far more than there is time for. And she retains more and more words. Yes, sometimes guessing from pictures, but better guesses -- a few months ago, she would guess a word that started with a different letter than the word she was looking at. Not so much of that at all now.
And then games. Both KNU, which we've have for awhile but was too hard for Julia, and this drawing game called Who, What, Where, Jr. are being played and played rather well. She played Who, What, Where with her OT (can I say often enough that I love OTs!) yesterday. Three cards give the drawing player what they are drawing, and the rest guess -- yeah, like Pictionary. Julia could even read some of the cards. She did have a bit of trouble keeping what she was drawing a secret from Annie, but after a few turns she got better at that. She had no trouble drawing a Unicorn in a space ship. When I play games like this, I look at the direction and then pause to consider how to draw to give the other players clues. Not Julia. She heard what she needed to draw and went right to it. And the drawing looked like what it was supposed to! The snake, talking on the phone, in a bird's nest was a good one.

With GNU, she is spelling. Sometimes it takes a long time, and sometimes the rules needs to be modified over and over, but she is getting it. Spelling is talking on some shape. Yes, three letter words, but words nonetheless.

And in other corners of my world, I am selling the first piece of old furniture tonight. Great Nana's (David's grandmother) pink marble topped end table should find another home very soon. This is my favorite piece of the old furniture, but really, 20 years of living with furniture that I don't really like is sufficient. I don't even need to replace it. I have two more end tables that we brought from Indy and that live in the basement right now. I'll bring one up, take pictures so that that too can go on Craig's List, and feel a tiny bit freer of "stuff."

I've decided to get some help this spring getting some of the furniture that I want to sell out of the house and into the garage. I'd love to sell it all of Craig's List but nothing seems to be moving fast. It might be time to have that garage sale. We did one a long time ago when we were moving into the Washington Blvd. house. The biggest item that we sold was Cheshire's loft bed that she had outgrown. I kinda hated parting with the loft bed too. But most of the the feelings then, like now, are sentimental. And I've never missed that loft bed, nor did Cheshire ever ask to use it again.

Change is uncomfortable. Even when it is for the best, even when it is good, it can stir up the chi. Stirring the chi is and will be so much of this year.


Anonymous said...

Just be careful of scammers on craiglist, don't agree to any money orders. I am trying to sell some furniture on craigslist currently, no luck, around here about 75 listing in furniture added each day. I haven't had any inquiries other than those who want to send me a money order :( Maybe we will try a consignment store in another month. We have to clean out the basement! Hang in there! Liz, Dayton OH

Suz said...


Thanks for the warning. I have been contacted by at least one scammer. Amazing it is so widespread. Someone wrote, claiming to be deaf, asking for me to take a company draft in payment, and to arrange for shipping. I asked for a few details and why she could not send a regular check.

And never heard back.