19 February 2011

We really wanted to get outside today. Julia has been positively jubilant the last few days when we've walked the dog together. She wants spring to come and to come soon. This afternoon at the height of the warmth of the day we ventured out to a park to play in the playground. This is a playground that we frequent and usually we do meet up with someone that one of us knows. Well, not so much today. But that sky was blue and that snow is melting away.
Julia is really doing great on the swing alone these days. No mama pushing for her!
But it is getting cold.
Up went the hood as Julia climbed on the rocking things.
The rocking dinosaur is no long the right size.
Julia managed a few rocks but I think it was really uncomfortable.

And we managed about 20 minutes of play before we retreated to the car. Still, it is going to be spring very soon.

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