25 February 2011

Just got a call from our New Jersey oil spill remediators. After a year and a half, the neighbors have agreed to have the regulation mandated work on their property done. It has been hell waiting! I have no stronger language to describe this time, but I will, from now on compare very little else to that place below. And has necessitated a total giving over to the whims of others -- maybe a good god lesson for me, but I so hope the lesson is over and work can be done in March. Then, just maybe we can sell that house, and I can be free of my mother's estate before the end of summer. My fervent prayer is to be finished by July 1, but that may require miracles.

And I note, not without a sly grin, that the work on David's estate was short, intense for even a shorter time, and smooth. Our last joint IRS filing which will be done next week, and which I was worried about, will yield me a refund enough to pay for the accountant plus a little more. The work on my mother's estate, though absolutely no fault of hers, has been full of drama, frustration, some very bad feelings, and bump after bump after bump. And so, thank you higher power or power within for such a clear analogy to my lifetime experience with these two people.

God laughs!


Anonymous said...

All I will say it is about time. I believe all your siblings feel the same way. Those two people that portrade themselves to our parents as such good people. (Caring and loving and concerned for there well being) If they ever knew what they did in the end to honor there memory. Our parents are rolling over in there graves. I agree I too have very strong words for them and they are not nice.
At the end the Buchko children should sue them for emotional deress and damages. But I am with you and you are the one doing all the work. Be glade to get the white elephant off our back. That's what our parents wanted for us to be able to sell it.

Suz said...


I am assuming that this is you. I know, I know. Just keep storming the heavens to get it done. Keep your eyes on the prize. Once this is over, we can bitch all we want.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Suzanne it is me. Yes when this is all done we can bitch. But I have an idea, We should all gather (maybe not Walter) and have a nice dinner and some drinks and praise the heavens that this is over our parents home is sold and we can finially close this chapter of our lives. Maybe no matter there faults thank our parents for prize at the end and our lives together. For through it all there was some good times. My heart and soul are with you on this one sister. Love, Carol