26 February 2011

A quiet day. Julia had therapy this morning and I thought we would go out for the afternoon, but it was cold and snowing and I just didn't feel like driving in the snow. We have plenty of food in the freezer to avoid a food shopping, and I am a bit down that I cannot go to the demonstrations with Julia. I just think it would be really hard on her, but I feel so left out -- okay, a bit of self-pity here.

We colored, I fiddled on the computer, we worked on addition, and did some wii fit with Julia working pretty hard to learn the stepping, and both of us doing really awful on the balancing games -- it was pretty funny! Then we watched the new Karate Kid and ate sausages and sauteed cabbage and called it a night.

Maybe this was just being gentle with myself. I broke a 3-day fast today. My first fast since David died. I was fasting the night he was taken to the hospital for the last time. And just this week, it finally felt like the right time to pick up again and spend a few days without food.

Little by little, I am coming back. Today was anxious and confusing, but coming back nonetheless.

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