16 August 2011

16 Aug. 2011

Today, I put Julia’s bedroom together. I wasn’t in any rush to do it because she doesn’t sleep there! I did Cheshire’s room yesterday -- she is coming home on Saturday, and then, thought I’d move on to Julia’s. I rearranged furniture and made a little book nook with her beanbag chairs and a fluffy rug. I showed her the room and we read a book in it during the day, but I expected nothing else.

But tonight, after she was in pjs and brushed her teeth, she went into her room to get a book. She climbed on her bed to read the book and I asked if she wanted her quilt which was in my room. She assented and I grabbed the quilt and her stuffed dinos that she sleeps with as well. We all settled into her bed to read, then we did loving kindness meditation, kissed, and I asked if she wanted the night light and the bathroom light on. She said yes, I said good night. And that was that.

Was she waiting for me to do something with her room?

This is exactly how I stopped laying down with her until she fell asleep. It just happened one night. I know I will miss her little body in my bed, but she has not slept in her own bed since David died. I decided not to push her at all. And wow, she did it. Even if it is only for tonight!


Bobbi Jo said...

Cool! Hope it lasts and you can both sleep well. Could you tell us more about loving kindness meditation? Sounds intriguing!

Suz said...

Bobbi Jo,

I am writing a page about the meditation that we do -- a combination of Nancy Thomas' Strong Sitting and a Buddhist Loving Kindness Meditation. Julia really likes it. And there is beginning to be strong data to indicate that meditation changes brains. And, as you know, my girl could use some brain changing!