21 August 2011

Very lazy Sunday morning. Cheshire is home after a rough day of airplane delays. Julia, still sleeping in her own bed, is downstairs and I can hear that she's turned on the forbidden Mario Brothers' wii game. What?? Does the kid think I am deaf? We have Farmers' Market scones and fruit for breakfast and afternoon tickets for My Fair Lady, staring a friend of mine. Oh, and the house is finally put together -- minus a few kitchen cabinets that needs cleaning out (from the floor sanding) and all the pictures on the walls and books on the shelves. The art and the books will go up slowly and with intention over the next few weeks.

So, pretty much, this is as good as it gets.

I don't intend to be maudlin, rather somewhat rational. This is a good morning, a good weekend, a good time. And I wonder how and when and by what power I could take a step towards happiness.

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