28 August 2011

Today's work schedule:

1. Strong sitting. We did 13 minutes closing with loving kindness meditation. When I say my last part, "May you live with care," Julia always adds, "with me." And then we hug.

2. Counting. We counted reward point coupons. Julia has 12 points towards her next 20 minutes on the wii -- Mario Brothers. She counted and then we did the subtraction problem 20 - 12. She also did three pages in a math workbook which were about counting objects up to 20. She is very solid in this skill. Yahoo!

3. Play dough. Does that say it all? She made a pink chair that was really delightful with cut outs on the back. I didn't have the camera close by. Drat!

4. Morning Parade. Today's directions: (1) The yellow heart is fifth. (2) The purple O is third. (3) The purple X is after the yellow heart. (4) The yellow circle is first. (5) The red dot is between the purple O and the yellow heart. (6) The blue heart is before the purple O. Before and after directions are still hard for Julia, but we work on it.

5. Reading. We shared the reading of 4 pages of The Velveteen Rabbit. Julia does not know all of the words in that book but when a word is used more than twice, she has it.

5. Reading Journal. Julia writes the name of the book, a sentence about what she has read, and draws a picture. I can't wait to show this book to her teachers at our Ready, Set, Go conference on Monday.

She has done this work quickly, efficiently, and cheerfully. And so, I will give her 5 points towards playing the wii. And if you are doing the math, it means that she will probably get a turn on the wii tomorrow. This reward system is working but I still have the nagging feeling of bargaining with the devil.

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