04 August 2011

Julia with her camp group the evening before last during "Old First Night" which is a fund raising and recognition gathering. The Girls' and Boys' Club and younger children's group present moneys they have raised for Chautauqua. It costs big time to keep a place life this going. During "Old First Night" the master of ceremonies also conducts oral polls, like how many generations of your family has been to Chautauqua - 8 generations was reposted by two families -- and how many years have people come to Chautauqua -- 95 years was reported by one woman.

Julia, still the outsider, wanted to be a part of her group. She was able to stay with her group with a big of extra direction. Lisa and I hovered which they got ready to parade into the amphitheater, but Julia stayed with her group and her counselors and did not come to us.
Appropriately applauding.
Julia, not visible in this picture, is in the crush of kids. Her ear plugs and head phones on her head to deal with the very loud organ music.