04 August 2011

I skipped the third lecture of the day. Walked and biked some with Lisa, and then tucked into the second floor porch watching and listening to an orchestra rehearsal. I feel the tug of home. I smile that it has taken so long. Julia asked about the puppy house yesterday and today, I am worrying about the new paint colors. But there was a dinner out to enjoy, a stop at the little lake beach that I have totally neglected this week, and the orchestra concert tonight. I have been lucky enough to hear it almost twice with the rehearsal this afternoon and performance tonight.

Julia enjoyed last night's ballet in performance as much as she did in rehearsal. More. One of the pieces -- a requiem to 911 -- had incredible costumes -- five dancers in tiered skirts reminiscent of the draped robe of the statue of liberty. I wish I had a picture because although the skirts reminded me of the statue, they looked nothing like the statute. When the dancers took part of the skirts off and draped them around their shoulders, Julia giggled in delight. I have rarely seen her as attentive as she was during the concert. I am hoping for some dance concerts in our immediate future.

Julia also enjoyed the Peter and the Wolf performance that her camp group saw today. I have made the commitment to find the music and a book when we get home. Maybe we can find a performance to go to during Christmas time in Madison.

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