01 August 2011

Very happy.

Julia finished her first day at "Girls Club" -- day camp. I engaged a girl going into 10th grade who signed up for babysitting at Chautauqua to act as her aid at camp. Julia had on okay time this morning but when asked about the afternoon, she was very enthusiastic, telling me that she loved playing with the hoola-hoops and with Taylor, her aid. We missed a few days of strong sitting and work but we got back on track to day. Julia is asking to pet dogs, and she wants to talk to everyone. Okay, not always appropriate but great to see. Today, doing a math sheet that had strings of numbers with digits missing for her to fill in, she was able to count backwards from 12 to 1. First time I've seen that.

I am attending lectures on Islam, Iran, and comparative religion. In between and to bookend my days, I have Lisa to talk to. No question about it -- this is heaven!

Now, if Cheshire was with us . . . . Yes, I know, give me perfection and I just want to improve it. Just a little bit.

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