13 August 2011

Plans for the Farmers' Market are dashed by steady rain, but an idea to take Julia to the UW Geology Museum, where we have a few small dinosaur skeletons just blocks from our house are brewing. We need the rain -- the back garden has a brown lawn. And we need to get out of the house where all I see is organization and unpacking needing to happen. Now that I am doing it -- I seem to be avoiding the work of unpacking with vigor and instead, I am reveling in the emptiness and possibility. My leather chair which was looking a bit worse for wear and was wounded when the movers took it out of the house, is repaired and reconditioned -- the repair paid for by the movers, the reconditioning, I paid for. It looks great, and I will now endeavor to keep it out of direct sun which was responsible for its shabby look.

Oy! I have washed every stitch of clothes, material, and baggage that was on out trip, just in case one bug -- as in bed bug -- came with us. Total, over do, but Julia is itchy this morning which has me running to check the sheets and put her back into the shower. Again, oy!

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