11 March 2011

A discussion with a Waisman person who shares some of my interest in trauma/child development / developmental disabilities and who has run programs for a long time here. Picking her brain about what next for me. Finally, finally, I am not so needy that I feel like I am whining about what I can't do. I am not begging for answers, but listening to possibilities.

Not articulate here.

She told me about an early childhood certificate program, she told me about the advantages of a second year of LEND, she talked about getting a masters of social work if I intend to take a bunch of courses anyway. She talked about taking courses versus looking for experiences. She reflected back to me what I told her in a very thoughtful way.

How I was interested in learning more, how I am looking to do a unique task that there is probably not an existing job, that I want to learn and experience outside of my life experience.

And so I ponder, and do not expect a simple or direct answer. But I ponder structured v. unstructured time for next year (school year), course work v. experience.

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Traci said...

Letting you know that I'm here and wishing you a good day.

The Smiths love you and your Julia Dinosaur!!