04 March 2011

I have been trying hard to expand Julia's movie interests. Oy. Not easy. Dinosaurs and anime -- even the anime is a great step forward. A few weeks ago we started watching episodes of an old tv show called Avatar: The Last Air Bender. It took a few times before Julia was hooked, but she got there and she was willing to watch a show about people -- albeit people with peculiar powers -- but not dinosaurs, people. Then last week, we watched The Black Stallion. Horse movie. Tonight, we started Fly Away Home -- geese this time. And she is liking it -- Well, a story about a little girl who raises orphaned geese?? What is there not to like?

Of course, I forgot that the girl's mother dies in the first scene. God save me from children's stories in which a parent dies, disappears or goes missing in the first scene. Sometimes that death of a parent first scene seems to be the only way to launch a heart warming, kid meets incredible challenge story. Aren't there other challenges in kids' lives? Just rescuing geese eggs and raises the birds wouldn't have been enough?

Anyway, she is loving the movie. I think that in time, Julia will be areal animal lover.

Funny Julia story: Julia is pretty much in love with books these days. She is also incredible curious -- a real adventurer, I tell her. And then she tells others. When a therapist asked her to bring a reading book, Julia brings 6. She rummages through the book cases looking for books that she can either read or draw in. She periodically goes through my book piles, bag, and desk for reading/coloring finds.

A few weeks ago, just before the teacher sick-in, Julia emptied her reading book box in school and brought it home. There must have been 8 or 9 books that should have stayed in school, but Julia wanted to make sure she could read them at home. Then, on Wednesday, she brought home 4 or 5 new dinosaur books. I supposed that she had gotten them as part of library time, but then yesterday, I got the following: Julia brought home some Dinosaur books on Wednesday I think. We actually need those at school for her science class project. Would you be able to send them back on Monday? Nicky didn't realize they were going home.

Well, that's my girl. I will get those dinos books back to school asap. Hording books not the best behavior, but hey, it is not bad either.

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Chasing Starshine said...

I hear ya on the kid movies--it is HARD to find good (not-too-scary) movies that don't involve a traumatic separation at some point. My Esther loves Monsters, Inc.--which I think is scary!--but was wailing in terror over the most recent Curious George movie when Kayla the elephant got netted and hauled back to the East Coast seconds after reuniting with her brother and sister in California. Curious George has now been put away for an indefinite period of time. Sigh.