02 March 2011

The only thing that I can possibly post on FaceBook is political. What else is this important? Walker's budget is appalling -- giving business and the rich everything they could want, on the backs of our children's precious education, plus deep cuts in medicaid that will take medical services from our poorest and most needy citizens. Wisconsin arts funding has disappeared. This is not the state that I chose to move to three and a half years ago.

So, on a very personal note, should I really be deciding on kitchen cabinets and new windows? Do I really want to invest in a much meaner, leaner, and family unfriendly Madison? Are the very reasons that David and I decided to make this our home going to disappear?


Anonymous said...

very good questions...many of us are afraid, very afraid of what the future holds in this state we once held so dear.
the cuts to education are beyond appalling, the cuts to human services inhumane.
things are not very pretty.

Anonymous said...

I am in Florida and we are facing the same down here. I was shocked when the people in this state Elected a person who while in the private sector had very questionable if not criminal behavior. It was shocking to me. Now we are stuck with his blatant disregard for the working and poor. It is all about the wealthy. He promised 700,000 jobs, at this point (just two months in) I believe he is negative 1000. Schools and healthcare are in jepordy. I am very afraid of where we will all end up.

Susan and Kate
Riverview FL