17 March 2011

A warm grey day today. Nothing pressing after the morning's meeting. It is almost spring, still snow on the ground, work to be done. I am sad. Sad the way one can be in spring before any of the riotous color bursts forth. I cannot forget winter.

An internet friend wrote in a comment to my last post, that most likely this child will not get another chance at a family. The last thing I wrote to the person advocating for me was that I hoped that M's family would find her soon. Now, I am almost embarrassed to have written that. This child was abandoned in spring of 2008 and her file is stamped November 8, 2008. She must have gotten on to the shared list soon after that time which means that she has been on the list for over 2 years.

In two years, no one has petitioned to adopt her except for me. Of course, someone might have and also been rejected, but in truth, I don't hear that many people are rejected as agencies seem to pre-qualify families before submitting letters of intent to adopt. And I just rather blithely wrote that I hope her family finds her soon. I need to be careful with my heart, that is true. But then I think of this child.

I don't know.

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Snickerdoodle said...

It's just wrong, isn't it? This girl needs a family. YOu want to offer her your family. And CCA* said no. ??????

It's just wrong!

Snick :)