09 March 2011

It snow again last night. Rather, it s-n-o-w-e-d again and again and again. I am so tired of snow.
Did that convey a whine?

I thought this morning how it didn't snow last year while David was in the hospital. I hope that I will forget about this sort of comparison next year. When I do it now, it is not volitional. It comes unbidden. And the thoughts are not awful either. They just are.

This is what is running through my head today. Thinking about money for next year. I would like to earn enough so that I can (1) buy private health insurance for both Julia and I, instead of buy it for myself and having her on the state insurance she gets with her autism therapy, and (2) pay for the life insurance that will ensure Julia's future in case something happens to me. And do both of these things without changing the quality of life. Actually, I can't earn it all because it is more than Social Security would allow me to earn and keep benefits, but most of it.

I don't really want to get a job -- and please, I know how that sounds. But how else? So I put it out there to the universe today. How else can I earn that money?

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Sharyn said...

Insurance in the United States has become so expensive as to become unaffordable. I pray that we may wake to the day when compassion and ethics trump greed.