02 July 2008

Catching her eye

I have been noticing that Julia now looks at us, straight in the eye more often. Her looks have always been glancing and narrow. We've met eyes many times but she is always the first to look away. Just in the past few days and last night especially, I am seeing a new roundness in her eyes and catch her looking at me with a steady gaze. A look for no reason, a smile from her. I want to know why now, what is in her head, what does she think about looking us straight in the eyes. But I will wait for explanations and answers, I am very happy just with catching her looking at me.

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Elaine said...

That's a good sign. I remember the day that my little one started looking me in the eye - it was long after she came home. Our Social Worker was so pleased to hear about it. Signs of trust. Good stuff.