01 July 2008

The artist at work

In late August, Julia will have been a part of our family for 2 years. Her first impulse with a crayon was to put it in her mouth. She had no idea of how to hold it or what to do with paper or coloring books. Last October, Julia was still making huge archs of color with pencils, crayons, and paints. To get from that to what she does today, of which the above picture is typical but not her best, is incredible to me. And we have merely provided the tools. It is her perserverence and her vision that guides her.


Traci said...

You are doing an amazing job at documenting Julia's growth. Thank you for letting us watch as you love your girl.


C&A said...

wow great- MJ couldn't even make a circle at first now she is making a picture of a person one eye a mouth and some hair not at the top of the head but on the sides- I can't wait to get her into OT and PT-seems like these people take forever to get them the first evaulation. I am new to this but it seems like surgery takes faster!