16 July 2011

15 July 2010

Are we there yet?

Julia put the familiar kid question together yesterday as we headed for Traci’s house in Ohio. Are we there yet? It was a new question for her and it was an exciting one for me. Are we there yet? There is a future, there is more than the present, the now. Yes, it is an immediate future but future none the less. Are we there yet? The question sounded so like a neuro-typical kid.

We stayed in Ohio last night at the Smiths’ house. They are one of our China families who have become such family to us. I still marvel that we went to China with strangers and came back with much more family than a new daughter. We are spread out rather far and wide, and usually only get together once a year. This year the reunion is the weekend after Julia and I return from vacation and so we are not making the reunion because I don’t think I can make another long drive and miss more therapy. I question the decision because I enjoy our families so much, but after the last two days of driving, well, it makes some sense.

Julia played with Jaden who is 5 and ever so smart. Julia manages to keep up with a 5 year old, but unless Julia’s maturity excellerates in a year or two Jaden will leave her in the dust. Jaden taught Julia a video game that we don’t have and they played legos that brother Kevin collected. Julia wanted to stay and keep on playing, which was very sweet. I can pray that she develops and matures, she wants friends so much.
Julia loved the pool after a long day's ride.
Julia and Jaden -- China sisters forever! Jaden came home to the Smith family the same time that Julia came to us. We all travelled together and it is amazing that it is almost 5 years since we met these girls!
Video games. Yes, she is interested. Should I be really happy or not?
Almost all the Smith kids plus Julia.

I was good for me to talk to Traci and Scott -- trading some ideas. They let me go on and on about a few things, and I woke up this morning with some more refined ideas. How thankful I am for these friends.

We drove all day today. Long, hard driving on highways that eventually turned into city and town streets, all taking way too long. The first hundred and fifty miles were torture and knowing that it was only a third of the days journey added to my dismay, but just before 7 this evening we turned into the long gravel drive that mark Barbara’s and Steve’s log anything-but-a-cabin. Their house sits on top of a hill with magnificent views in all directions, horses to watch from lovely windows and comfortable nooks to curl up with books or coloring. The cell phone reception is awful and their is very little internet. I have not been cut off from my communication addictions in years, not even in developing nations, but the idea of a real break from my everyday is charming. Maybe necessary.

Two days away from the regular every day and there are stirrings.

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