21 July 2011

We are in Maryland and it is sooooo hot. No central air and I admit to being way too spoiled. Plus, the heat leaves is doing a number on my sinuses. I could sleep and vege out all day, which would not be bad except it is not a good thing for Julia.

Of course, at present, Julia is reading through a pile of dr. suess books. I was going to do math worth with her but she found a stash of suess books at Lisa's and is on her third book. So, do I move on to math or let her keep reading? Oh, I am lazy enough to let her just keep reading.

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Snickerdoodle said...

Let her read!!!!!!

We're supposed to get to 122 degrees today. That's "fry an egg" territory!

Holidays are for vegging out too. :)
Snick :)