02 July 2011

Yesterday was so hot and muggy all day and night. August-in-Hanoi hot. Sitting outside for the early part of the day from morning until about 2, and then putting away all of the stuff that didn't sell (because who is their right mind would come out shopping for anything yesterday??) was pretty miserable, but it did give me some idea of how better to set up for today. I also used the time by putting all of the furniture on Craigs List with pictures. And I made about $40 yesterday.

This morning is cool and breezy. I can hear the classical music my neighbor has on the radio. Somehow the same radio, the same station and same volume did not carry across her front yard as well yesterday. And we have very small yards. Was the air that thick?

So far today, I've tripled that, gotten rid of two furniture pieces and a few other significant items. I would not call it brisk business but some business and it is not yet noon. If I can get rid of two more furniture pieces, I would be very happy. There is something about getting the stuff out of the house. Even though I am looking at lots of it in the driveway, I have let it go. And once I started moving towards letting go, it was not hard at all. The basement is incredibly de-cluttered and there is space for boxes and some furniture during the renovation. To be sure, I have another round of sorting and filing boxed papers which I'll pick up in the fall, probably not before. It is cold weather work. I can almost imagine a basement with 25 plastic containers, all sorted, labeled, and orderly. Maybe Julia will be able to roller skate in the basement this winter. Smile.

I am looking forward to the next week of packing up the house. Taking art off the walls, boxing books, and cleaning out closets. What felt overwhelming last week, feels possible today.

There is a peace that comes from all this sorting and culling. I have not felt it before. I am riding the crest of this wave of peace. I know that I am the recipient of prayers and good thoughts and wishes this weekend. Yesterday, after the hot day of sweat pouring out of me and drinking more and more water, I went to the theater with my neighbor to see is silly gay murder mystery. It hit the perfect notes for me last night. We stopped for late supper and I had a hot dog and cold slaw -- not at all my typical desires for food. I slept hard last night and woke up this morning with the idea that I should go back to a dream and gratitude journals. In a very real sense, I know these feelings are fleeting, I know I have more to suffer, but just not today. And for that I am grateful.

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