10 July 2011

Math update

For our morning parade (instructions plus learning about first, second, third, fourth, fifth, last, and in between), we are now using five stickers which enables me to do two "in between" instructions. I am so wanting to move ahead to before and after which had been my reason for starting this in the first place. But Julia is still hesitant with between and last, so we keep plugging along at those.

Using her number tiles, she can arrange numbers from 1-50 pretty well. The exercise also holds her attention. She is beginning to recognize counting by 1's and 10's. Counting by 2's and 5's is easier. We touch the tiles together and she can say the numbers alone; however, when she writes numbers she still writes some of the backwards. The backwards numbers are not consistent. I think she still does not have the shapes firmly in her head.

We are still working on easy addition with an abacus. She is getting better about remembering the procedure although I don't think she really understands what she is doing.

She can recognize all of our coins by name and she generally knows how much they are worth. We are working on counting money but we are far from understanding.

Julia is using numbers much more. I heard her say to someone that there were "a thousand" stars in the sky.


Snickerdoodle said...

Have you tried pudding painting...and painting the numbers right in the pudding? Chocolate always went down well with my students. Getting a small box of sand (with a low edge) and tracing the numbers into the sand is very tactile too. When you're cuddling, draw the numbers on her back (where she can't see but must feel) and get her to tell you what you've drawn. Might help a little bit.

Your Julia is coming along!
Snick :)

Suz said...


Thanks. I will try some of those. I think I will try writing letters on her back to begin with. It will be more of a game with letters and then I'll ease in to numbers. She is a visual learner and I am always looking for anything to stimulate her ability to learn.

You always have such good ideas!