24 July 2011

It is impossible to fathom the ways of the universe. I am only human and so much is hidden from me. From us. This morning my father-in-law died. The past year had been awful for him. I don't think he ever found peace after David died. His wife has become more and more demanding. And last week, he moved into an assisted living facility which was a fine place but not his Jersey home of 55 years. I think it was a quiet death, quick, and if painful, not prolonged. A blessing.

Last night, we -- Cheshire, Julia, Lisa, Nick, Sarah, and Michael -- buried most of David's ashes in a wonderful bamboo grove on Lisa and Nick's property. More on this later, but the process was very good for me. Lots of peace.

And then this morning. He was 93. He has a good, long life.

No more words. My last parent. Separation and endings.


Traci said...

Oh my goodness. Suzanne.

I typed that - just like that and then sighed. Just a big sigh.

I love you and I love your girls.


Snickerdoodle said...

The universe, indeed.

Be well!
Snick :)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about David's Dad. He was a good man I liked him. He was old and lived a long good life. He is now at peace and with David

Sharyn said...

Ah, Suzanne. I remember well how it felt when the family Mantle of the Elders fell upon my shoulders. You must, apparently, be ready. And the old man is, thankfully, at rest now.

My heart is with you.



Cindi Campbell said...

So very sorry! You did try to connect with him. Be at peace.

jweich said...

How are you not just a big puddle on the floor? Once again I would like to gather you up on my lap and hold you.

Anonymous said...

I am so very sorry for your loss and for the pain of another bashed visit so soon before he was gone.

May he rest in peace with all his departed loved ones. And may his memory become a blessing.


Marianne Fraser said...

My condolences Suzanne on having to cope with yet another death in the family. The positive is that he is now reunited with David and all others who have passed before him.
Often, when someone has to leave their home they have no more will to live. He is at peace.