13 July 2011

Home stretch for packing. Julia can now go through a bunch of play choices that have been packed away. Just a bit more of office, clothes, toys and books, and then the tv (including the wii) and my tough one -- my internet connection. And then . . . vacation!

Last month, I didn't think I was really earning this one but boy, packing up the house has been a chore. Now, I think I've really earned the vacation. And earned the new house I will come back to.

I need to take pictures of the tv connections and the computer connections, so I can put them back together when we return.

The floor guy came in to do a sample to get my approval on color, as did the paint guy.

Vacation travel plans are, in brief: Madison to Tipp City, Ohio, to Chatham, Virginia, to Havre de Grace, Maryland, to Mt. Laurel, New Jersey, to Springfield, New Jersey, to Brooklyn, New York, to Woodstock, New York, to Chautauqua, New York, to Madison. A journey to see people. Have not checked out a single tourist attraction, but we can do that as the time arrises. We are not packing light. Julia scooter, lawn chairs, games and a puzzle, books and workbooks are traveling with us. We both have our library books and my books on tape. Plenty of music and plenty of Leapster cartridge games (Thank you, Lisa T. You made one little girl sooooo happy.)

I am still toying with the idea of finishing everything tonight and jumping in the car to drive for three or four hours, but I think that is just a fantasy. There is some stress to this day and hopefully by 6 or so, I will be so exhausted that a good night's sleep will be my most cherished desire.

Julia is with therapists almost all day today. Since lunch she has been showing some stress about leaving which, considering the packing up going on around her, is not bad at all.

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