03 November 2010

I watched Temple Grandin tonight. It has been on my night table for almost a week. I put it on top of my Netflix list, David had put it on our list in June sometime. I moved it up to No. 1, and then, it sat on my table.

God, I was moved. I laughed and cried. It was a work well done. I want everyone to see it because what I saw was not just about autism, but about difference. Wonderful, wonderful difference. I was so reminded of Julia. Julia is not at all like Temple, but her differences are just as different as Temples. It was about how hard it is inside and out when a person is different.

And it left me inspired. I don't need to be inspired these days. I have my course work for that, but I have left off pushing myself and Julia just a little bit further, left off because I get tired, because I am alone, because I have to do everything and let myself off the hook for going beyond everything. But that is where I must go, must be. For nothing else but my girl.

Because she too has a unique vision, a unique way of viewing the world, gifts that useful but that demand mentors and understanding to see them developed. I cannot do it all but I can get her ready to find it all.

Okay, off the soap box.

Good movie. I've read most of what Temple has written so this was a renewed inspiration.

And I got my hair cut today. Julia noticed, but I had to prompt her to tell me she liked it. I like it.


Joy said...

that movie is in my queue at Netflix. I'll have to move it up and get it soon.

Sharyn said...

I watched the movie last week. Loved the fact that she was not only brilliant, but self-accepting AND aware of her gifts. Because of her awareness and sensitivity, our meat production industry may be a little kinder, a little more respectful.