05 November 2010

Just finished an interview with the person in charge of the IA Clinic at Waisman. 17 minutes and I did most of the talking. I didn't try to be anyone other than I was, didn't try to sound like I knew what I was doing, didn't try to impress, didn't try to make it look like I has a destination in mind. He asked me to explain myself, why LEND, why the IA clinic for my project. I answered. I have no idea whether I have wormed my way into working for him. He is an extremely pleasant and courteous man. He may have thought I was nuts.

I was excited to talk to this man, because I think I could learn a lot from him. But I don't really know what I can offer him. Enthusiasm and a bit of writing ability? Is that enough?

Truthfully, I would love to find a place here at the Waisman Center for awhile. Like Madison, the Waisman Center feels like home. But what do I have to offer? What can I do for them.

If I could answer that question, I I had some real direction, it might help. But I don't. I really don't know where I am going. Yes, it is an adventure and it is following this bliss of mine. And I have to be content with it just as it is.

Secure in the questions. Secure in change. Secure in insecurity. Secure without decisions.

I don't know whether I can be that holy, because I think that holiness comes in here somewhere.

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