22 November 2010

Oh, the last entry was left midsentence because I was writing it on the plane and we were landing. And now, I don't really want to go back and finish. So forgive my leavings.

It is Monday, late, now, Tuesday morning. Julia is asleep in Sarah's bedroom which we are using for the week. Julia is having a very nice time in Maryland. She is comfortable -- eating well, drawing with Lisa's markers and colored pencils on big pieces of news print. She went food shopping with Lisa when I had a massage, and generally was content following us around.

I finished this post but it was gobbled up by blogger.

Lisa is out getting a hair cut. Julia is sleeping and I can write a bit. Feeling overwhelmed by my lack of focus on my LEND leadership project. Feeling wonder at having that writin' feeling without knowing what I should do about it. Wondering about those adoption teases in my comments -- hey, I need to know more! But also comfortable, like my kid. Being looked after and cherished by friends. It is so weird that David is not here but good, so good to be loved.

I cooked Chinese last night. I have been cooking at home -- we do not starve by any means -- but Julia is in her reduced variety of food phase of childhood and she wants what she known, preferably rice and bok choi. Which I made as part of last night's dinner. It was good to cook for people to eat! I have to start having friends over to my house again. And cook!

More later. Maybe. Maybe.

Oh, and to those commentors who teased me with hints of China opening up to singles, give me more information, please!!! Or tell me who to contact, which agency is thinking about testing the waters. By sometime next year, I would be in a good place to start the process to find a Chinese sister for my girls.


Snickerdoodle said...

Hi Suzanne, you need to get onto the Single Adopting China yahoo list. :) That's where I read that the door was opening *just* a crack. A few *test* cases, so to speak. If I hear anything concrete, I'll let you know!

If I were 10 years younger, I'd be searching for #3, but my two are definitely enough to keep me busy!!
Snick :)
dd Sunshine 9 1/2 Viet Nam
dd Brilliance 4 1/2 China

Marianne said...

Dear Suzanne, Are you serious about wanting to adopt another little girl? help!!!!! I don't know how you do what you are doing already.

Children on the ASD spectrum are often quite happy to be only children and you could be causing more difficulties for yourself and for Julia. Be careful. I am just thinking of your health : emotional and physical.

Helping others with difficulties seems to me to be a better option but then I am probably projecting my own tiredness (when I am faced with the demands of young children). Go ahead if you feel up to it. You've done an amazing job with Julia: she is such a special soul. And so are you.