05 November 2010

Short report on the household:

I had a crazy day yesterday -- very high after a good lecture about trauma and autism. I have found another person to offer guidance with my project. This is someone who really gets what I am concerned about -- she is interested in kids in the social services system and have ASD diagnoses; I am interested in institutionalized kids. The profiles are very similar and we could help each other.

And then later, totally overwhelmed and exhausted in spirit. This is a tough journey and I feel like I am not as present as I'd like to be for Julia. This is a tough balance and right now I am not confident in my use of time as I'd like to be. And Julia has lost 4 pounds since August. And she is picking at the skin behind her ear -- I think a new stimming. The doc who oversees our drug doc told me that Julia was capable of controlling herself, and I only needed to find the right reward system and she will stop any behavior. He said it with such authority that I wanted to hit him. He definitely has not raised a kid with significant challenges. Bedside manner of a eel.

Julia is still enjoying school. I can write that everyday and it is still new and wonderful to read! I still help her dress in the mornings but recently, it has really become fun for both of us. Tickling and joking, with her very cooperative. Like dressing a happy 4 year old with lots of words. It is a very nice time for both of us.

Di Di Chi is learning to pounce and to climb. He also loves to knock things off tables.

Latkah is mellowing out about her little brother.

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