01 November 2010

I should be writing about Halloween and the costume story, which is full of twists and turns, but I have to first note once again and again, how much I am loving my connection with the Waisman Center. There is a lecture on Thursday morning in Milwaukee which is on Trauma and Autism (!!!) that my substitute mentor emailed me about on Saturday -- she bumped into someone at an airport on her way to a conference. They got to talking, she emailed me. I emailed my contact, who gave me the email of the conference chair, I wrote to the chair, asking if I could go to the single lecture (only because I can't spare the time, not because there was not lots of good stuff to go to), and the chair replied yes! I am so excited!

The conference and the lecture are aimed at inner city kids, but the kind of trauma talked about is the kind that I am most interested in -- long term neglect and abuse. I have not connected with anyone who knows both these topics. I so hope the lecturer provides references to delve into, and I also hope she is approachable.


Nancy said...

I would love to hear more about wht you learn about long term neglect and abuse. These are the kids I have been working with for years, having only instinct to go on when trying to teach and reach them. I don't think most of them would be classed as autistic necessarily, some perhaps would be aspergers. Many would be called emotionally disordered. Duh! Who wouldnt be ED in some of the circumstances. Anyway, your life path has taken another interesting turn. GO For IT!

Jill W said...

Julia is the cutest dinosaur! What a great costume!

Suz said...

Thanks, Jill, she is the cutest. And the costume was borrowed. Thank goodness!!!

And Nancy, I will keep you in the loop when I learn enough about that loop. I'll try to send you some articles soon.