31 October 2010

Never fear, I have been warned by my dear prosecutor friend about the hazards of "online dating" I will be careful and taking precautions.

It is 9:39 and Julia is still asleep. I am astonished but at the same time, I've been saying that she is tired and needs sleep. Sleep, like food, cannot be forced.

We need to do pumpkin carving today, and get Julia ready to be a dinosaur tonight. I have a story with her costume, but I will tell it when I put up some pictures.

Gardening did some good for me last night. I slept. Unfortunately, I had planned to get together with a neighbor to watch a movie after Julia went to sleep. Instead, of calling her when Julia fell asleep, I fell asleep, waking up far too late to call anyone.

For the past week, I have been out of the grove of listening to SW lectures. I am behind. First, it was because of the LEND course work and then I just got lazy. I am enjoying the SW lectures but they are just not as good as Netflix. A wee bit more discipline is called for.

The day is bright. I am treating my neighbor to brunch. And if the pumpkins go well, I should get back to the garden and compost (I didn't touch my compost piles at all this spring or summer except to add to them, and I have the darkest, richest, and most fine compost. Ah, nature at its best!) and leave and fallen branches and piles and piles . . .

Just one more thought. I have had cable tv for about 8 months, maybe a bit more. At first, I watched a lot of junky reality based shows -- I can watch anyone buy or renovate a house. And a few shows. And a few movies. Since I started school, and because Julia doesn't really like tv in general (although she is hooked on movies) and there is not a lot on for her when she is available to watch, I am considering canceling it. Netflix and Hulu seem to be enough for me.


Bobbi Jo said...

We just downgraded to the cheapest cable and of course kept internet. Gotta get the cord to connect our TV to the computer and we'll be ready for some Hulu over here too!I've realized that we just didn't watch enough TV to justify the big $$.

Suz said...

Bobbi Jo,

I am the the cheapest cable! And I actually turned it on last night for the first time in more than 2 months. It's time to stop.

So much for catching up with the rest of the world. LOL!