10 October 2010

Am I the only person in the world who cannot change the filter on a Brita pitcher? I have read the directions, googled for help, tried everything I can think of, and to no avail. This is why I don't want to live alone! I don't need brawn, just another set of eyes and hands. Just someone who would laugh at me and tell me how easy it really is. For now, I stew and stare. I may have to post pictures to get step by step directions.

Oh, I can be an idiot!

Yesterday, at church we had a guitarist doing the music. Joe Harris. I've heard him before but not in the small auditorium and with a smaller group of people. It reminded me how much I miss music being played at home. All my music makers are not at home anymore. I loved the acoustic guitar; I loved that the tunes were original; I loved the picking. Years ago, my dreams of great wealth included being able to afford someone playing music in my house. Both David and Cheshire did that and I haven't thought of that wish in years. Maybe if I ever have a house big enough for a room mate, I should make that a requirement.

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