09 October 2010

Autumn outings

Julia and I went to a farm to pick apples and pumpkins. The farm was in Fitchburg, and it was the first time we were at this particular farm. And it was hot! Julia and I were dressed for a sort of early Fall day, but the temperatures went up to the 80's. So, instead of the wind burning our cheeks and rushing to find our pumpkins so we could get into the warm, we were sweating and the bugs were all over us and everything else. And Julia is just not an outdoors girl when it comes to walking around in the dirt. She would have preferred to have the pumpkins cleaned and the apples bagged. Still, she was a good sport, picked apples of various kinds and then went to the pumpkin patch to find out perfect Halloween pumpkins.

She told me that she was not, NOT AT ALL, going to pick a big pumpkin. However, she was willing to sit on a few to let mom get a few pics.

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Joy said...

This is when I wish we lived in the north. :-) We don't have apple trees in Southeast Texas. It looks like Julia had a good time, despite the heat and dirt.