16 October 2010

Julia and I are in Kansas City Airport for another 2.5 hours. Our direct flight to Newark was cancelled and so instead of getting into Newark a bit before 11, we will be in NYC a bit after 7. Oy. And we wind up at LaGuardia. Double oy. But the internet at the airport is free and we have G-Force on Netflix. Life is just not so bad.

And the closest bed is at Cheshire's house, and so we will stay there to the night and go into Jersey tomorrow.

Julia was not too crazy about taking this journey. She would have preferred home, and I have to admit that although I was looking forward to getting out of town, being gone next week means that I will miss a LEND team meeting at our agency and a lab meeting that would have been my first. But since I knew nothing about any of this just a few days ago, I am content to miss.

Julia is doing more amazing things. Her speech teacher at school wrote to me to let me know that Julia is really enjoying speech, is willing to go with her when she shows up at Julia's classroom, and was asking some socially appropriate questions to a student speech therapist. The work sheets that Julia is doing now is about "above & below" or "big, bigger, biggest". This is so much further along than she was last year! She was still working on taking turns and sequencing three pictures. And the pages are full of Julia's circles or coloring and there are stars all over them.

And just now, as we are watching the movie, Julia tells me she wants to talk to me and insists that I look at her before she will say anything. Just wow!

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Sharyn said...

Sometimes it helps to know what success looks like. Congratulations to both of you. Wow, indeed.