27 October 2010

Di Di Chi and her big sister

Have not posted a picture of Latkah in a long time. Here she is watching her little brother. She just had a puppy cut and is ready for the winter.
Another view of Latkah watching Di Di Chi eat. Feeding is still a challenge. The dog loves the cat food and doesn't seem bothered by it, but it can't be good for her. The cat wants dog food but gets sick when he eats it. I am trying to put the food dishes down for a short time twice a day. When the animal leaves the bowl, I pick it up. Neither one seems to be starving yet.
Do, here is a cut kitten at the end of a hard afternoon.

And here he is in his full kitten glory.

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Anonymous said...

lets see if I get this right...cat food is high in fat so dogs that eat it get, well, a bit chubby but no other damage.
dog food is high in protein, cats that eat dog food can get overloaded kidneys from all the proteins.

I put the cat food up on a work shelf in the basement where the dog could not jump...but then my dogs ate their food so fast the cat had nary a chance!