30 October 2010

So, I am a little embarrassed about this but embarrassed or not, I want to write about everything.

I joined Chemistry.com. Yes, a "dating" service. There is a personality test that finds matches that can then be contacted. I never imagined doing something like this, but frankly, I don't meet single men, I don't know whether I am ready to do the face-to-face thing yet, I am not ready for romance yet but I miss male companionship. I just miss men, their point of view, sense of humor, their adult companionship -- wait that might have come out wrong. LOL.

So, I joined, answered a bunch of questions, wrote a little about myself (which I have tweaked a number of times now) and waited. I have been sent matches and sent "I'm interested" messages (just clicking on that button) to about 50 men. I am not looking for a partner for the rest of my life, just an interesting guy. Lots of people look interesting to me, so why not?

The disappointing part is that I have only gotten one reply. Not that I think I am such a hot catch, not at all, but what's a few emails, a coffee, a conversation, some text messaging? It has crossed my mind that some of the matches may be very out of date, and some may not spend time on their computers. And then, I remember how few men I really clicked with. Very few -- most of those few really interesting and wonderful, but few.

Oh well, I figure that my desire is also out there in the universe. And it will be answered one way or another. And, it is good to try new things. Wild women have to try new things!

Oh, and I am open to blind dates.

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