15 October 2010

Some days, most days, I can be so wrapped up in myself and Julia that when someone asks how I am, I will tell them and then not ask them a thing. No reciprocal exchange. I walk away and realize how self-centered I've become. But then, at those times, I almost cannot take in information about another person. I am so overloaded with my own. This morning I'd like to apologize to everyone who greets me pleasantly and with interest for my lack of social skills. In a while I will remember them again.

Magic day yesterday. I may have found my way into some research at Waisman that I can do as part of my LEND leadership project. I met two really dynamic women who are interested in having me help with a new research project. Maybe best of all, at least at this point is an invitation to come to full lab meetings that the International Adoption Clinic holds each week.

Also, met with someone who works at an IA clinic in Milwaukee, doing what we needed when Julia came home. Looking at development and behavior and supporting families. She too had some great ideas bounce around.

Later in the day, I went to the first meeting of the Parents' Council -- a new committee of our School Board. One representative from each school will attend months meetings to talk about upcoming policies and programs. Interesting to meet a whole bunch of type A parents. Very dynamic group right from the beginning.

It was a very exciting day, to say the least. It made me pretty happy.

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